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How will putting in a pool affect my home insurance?

Spring brings with it a renovation bug. You may decide to redo your kitchen, add a deck, or a pool. While you’ll add to your home’s value, Allsurance Group wants you to understand ahead of time that adding a pool to your Spartanburg, SC home can raise your insurance premiums.

Why Does a Pool Cost More?

While an updated kitchen can add to your home’s utility and safety, a swimming pool adds to its liability. The insurance community refers to a pool as an "attractive nuisance." It increases the chance of you needing to file a claim on your homeowner’s coverage.

A pool provides a danger for small children. It also enhances the chances of trespassing. People become tempted to use your pool without permission when you are not home.

The deck you build around your pool can cause a problem, too. If you choose a design with what the insurance industry considers a "risky structural" design, you’ll also see a premium spike. Raised structures, like balconies, increase the risk of falls. That can increase your premium. You can still have it all with proper planning.

Home Improvement Planning

You can avoid a surprise on your bill and still have all the comforts of home. Meet with your Allsurance Group representative first. Discuss the safest deck and pool designs. Also, talk about safety features you can have installed to mitigate some of the liabilities.

You can still renovate your Spartanburg, SC home to your liking. Putting in an extra step of planning with our agents can help you identify safety issues before they become an issue and before they cost you.

Commercial Insurance & How It Can Protect Your Assets

From the startup phase to the major corporation phase, commercial business insurance should be included in your budget. Insurance provides you peace of mind and covers you in the event of an incident. In Spartanburg, SC, Allsurance Group can help cover your business and protect it, and your personal liability, from potential litigation.

How can you protect your personal wealth and assets from your company’s liabilities? Here are a few tips:

  • Have sufficient liability insurance: Forbes suggests personal umbrella liability coverage and business umbrella coverage, depending on the circumstances

  • Keep your personal assets and business assets separate

  • Protect yourself personally from renters and liabilities surrounding rental properties

  • Review all jointly held accounts, and ensure your business name is on all business accounts, but not on your personal ones

  • Have it in writing: formalize informal partnerships, only hire contractors who are insured & bonded, and get everything under contract and in writing

  • Ensure you have filed with the correct business entity (i.e. LLC, S or C corporation, sole proprietorship, etc)

The idea behind asset protection is to shield your personal assets and finances from business claims or creditors. Asset protection plans put into place legal strategies before a lawsuit or claim happens, and can help to deter a potential claimant from suing you and/or your business and help prevent seizure of your personal assets after a judgment. Investopedia details two types of claims, internal and external, and how your assets need to be protected from both. In short, you should protect your company from a lawsuit should a liability occur on company property, and you and your company’s property should a liability occur outside company property. Knowing which kind of claims can be filed against you can help to protect your assets.

It is important to talk to an insurance agent to understand what kind of assets you have, what needs to be protected, what kind of claims can be made against you, and what you need to do to ensure your personal property and wages are protected against garnishment and seizure in the event of a suit.

Allsurance Group offers a range of policy options for those around South Carolina. Some of which include:

  • Liability coverage

  • Insurance for products you sell

  • If you operate your business out of your home

  • Insurance for outstanding loans

  • Umbrella coverage, for that extra piece of mind

If you’re unsure if you’re covered completely, or want to check up on your policy, contact Allsurance Group today, or visit our offices in Spartanburg, SC.

Why Bigger Cars May Be Cheaper to Insure

One of the biggest myths out there about car insurance is that car insurance prices are based on the cost or value of the car, with some exceptions. As such, in theory, smaller cars should be cheaper to insure compared to larger cars or SUVs, as most are cheaper to buy than bigger cars. Here at Allsurance Group, serving the greater Spartanburg, SC area, we want to dispel the myths surrounding car insurance. Here are two reasons why bigger cars may be cheaper to insure, even though they are more expensive than many smaller cars. 

Larger Cars Are Involved in Fewer Accidents

One of the reasons why it may be cheaper to insure a larger car compared to a smaller one is that bigger cars are involved in fewer accidents than smaller ones. It is unknown exactly why this is, but many people think it is because people can see larger cars easier than smaller cars. It is harder to have a larger car in your blind spot or miss it. 

Larger Cars Sustain Less Damage Than Smaller Ones

The second reason why it may be cheaper to insure bigger cars is that larger cars sustain less damage in an accident compared to a smaller car. The more damage that is sustained, the more costly the repairs are. As such, smaller cars cost more to repair, which drives insurance costs up for smaller cars. 

There are many factors that go into determining how much car insurance will cost. The price or value of a car is not the only factor used. If you are looking to purchase a new auto insurance policy, contact Allsurance Group, serving the greater Spartanburg SC area. We can help to price out different policies and find you the policy that best meets your needs. 

Will my homeowner’s insurance cover items like jewelry and artwork?

Your jewelry, artwork, and other unique collections may be your most valuable possessions. Although you probably attach a sentimental value to them also, your jewelry and artwork may be worth more money too. If you lose your valuables to an unfortunate circumstance, you want to make sure that you can at least receive adequate compensation for them. Even though you will not always be able to replace items that are unique or original, at least you can ensure that you receive monetary compensation.

Most of the time, your homeowner’s insurance policy would cover your losses if they occurred as a result of theft, fire, vehicle damage, water damage due to broken pipes, or other kinds of events. The list of covered events usually includes damage from automobiles, riots, weather-related damage, and even volcanoes. However, flooding is an exception, and if you live in an area of Spartanburg, SC where this is a possibility, you may want to check your policy and make sure you are covered. There are several rivers in the area that could cause your home to be in danger of flood damage.

Additionally, your policy also has certain limits on how much you can recover. If you lose more than the amount specified, you will not be able to receive compensation to recover your loss adequately. Most of your questions about what is covered will be spelled out in your contract, and your representative at the Allsurance Group will be happy to explain any questions you have.

If you have any questions or would like information on how to obtain additional coverage, please call Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC today.

4 Questions to Ask a Commercial Insurance Agent

There are a plethora of commercial insurance options available to you, and a chat with an insurance agent is a great way to narrow down your options. If you’re in the Spartanburg, SC area, you can meet with an agent at Allsurance Group. However, while you’re considering visiting an agent, look over this list of four important questions that a potential commercial insurance buyer should ask.

1. What Properties Should I Ensure?

While your specific insurance needs will vary, you’ll likely want to consider ensuring the following:

  • Equipment, supplies, furniture, and electronic devices like your computers
  • Intellectual property and trademarks
  • Your building and vehicles

2. Is Commercial Insurance Necessary for Me?

Even if you don’t have a lot of assets, commercial insurance is still valuable. If you have any property that’s stolen, broken, or damaged, property insurance helps offset the cost of replacing the items. However, commercial insurance offers more than protection against material loss. Liability insurance provides protection against a variety of issues, including lawsuits from customers or clients, damages caused by you or your possessions, or interrupted income.

3. How Could I Lower My Premiums?

While you’re looking for commercial insurance in the Spartanburg, SC area, ask your Allsurance Group insurance agent about ways that you could lower your premium. If your business already takes steps to reduce risk, you’re likely to qualify for discounts. Some of the ways that businesses demonstrate that they’re reducing risk include installing a security system, training employees, following fire safety precautions, and using the services of a risk manager.

4. What Type of Commercial Insurance Do I Need?

This is an important question to ask your agent. Most companies need general liability, property insurance, and worker’s compensation, although, based on your business’s specific needs, you may want to add more coverage. Your agent will be able to help you make the best decision for your unique situation.

Reach out to our agents to learn more about commercial insurance in South Carolina. We are waiting to answer your questions and get you a quote.

No-Fault vs Fault Insurance in South Carolina

Allsurance Group agents in Spartanburg, SC are specialists in auto insurance policies and can compare and contrast the difference between no-fault and fault policies. The philosophy behind no-fault insurance is to avoid lawsuits by limiting the liability of the parties in a car accident and not requiring the parties to prove who was the cause of the accident or who was at fault. Twelve states and Puerto Rico are no-fault insurance jurisdictions. South Carolina is not a no-fault jurisdiction and permits lawsuits.

Standard No-Fault Policies Have Three Sections:

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

  • If anyone is injured, PIP pays the medical costs up to the state’s limits of the lost earned income for up to a certain number of years. For instance, Michigan’s PIP is 85% of the earned income which is reimbursed but only up to three years with a present maximum of $5,541/month.

Property Protection (PPI)

  • No-fault pays up to a certain limit for damage a car may be responsible for to the property of others, including damage to buildings and parked cars.

Residual Liability Insurance – Bodily Injury

  • Thus, in no-fault jurisdictions, even if there is a bodily injury to the drivers or passengers, no lawsuits are permitted because the liability of those who were operating the car or cars is limited by the limits of the no-fault insurance policy. As a result of no-fault insurance, insurance premiums are reduced as a result of the elimination of significant civil judgments. However, while lawsuits are prohibited there generally is an exception if a person is killed, disfigured, or injured severely.

Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC will cover your back and advise you through the car insurance policy process. Please contact us and have your questions answered!

Are There Items That Traditional Home Insurance Does Not Cover?

Protecting your home and your family’s place of living is imperative for many individuals around the globe. Getting the most protection and coverage without breaking your budget is also often a priority for millions of families worldwide. When you are seeking out home insurance in Spartanburg, SC or around the state, there are a few factors to keep in mind to better understand your home’s insurance policy and what traditional items it may or may not cover, depending on your provider. The more informed you are of policy law in South Carolina, the easier it becomes to make a choice you are confident in any time you are shopping for a new insurance policy and provider. An Allsurance Group agent can help provide the answers you seek if your questions aren’t answered below.

What Traditional Home Insurance Typically Covers

Traditional home insurance policies cover your house and its occupants along with surroundings that may be outdoor but also within your property. Medical payments and bills are also covered if an accident is to occur inside or outside of your home while still on your property.

What Home Insurance Policies Do Not Cover

When shopping for home insurance policies, it is important to consider that there are accidents and incidents that are not typically covered under traditional plans. Sewer backups, earthquakes, and floods are not covered by most home insurance plans. Instead, you are required to opt for additional coverage solutions if you are looking to add an additional layer of protection to your home in the case of a natural disaster. Identity theft is also not covered by most home insurance plans, so it is highly advisable to seek protection from an identity theft protection service or by speaking to your insurance representative about the potential issue. In some policies, dog bites along with swimming pools are not entirely covered, which is why it is imperative to truly know your homeowner’s insurance policy in and out at all times.

Determine which type of home insurance policy is right for you today by contacting Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC, serving the state of South Carolina.

3 Reasons You Need Commercial Insurance in South Carolina

Commercial insurance is a must for anyone who owns a business in Spartanburg, SC. Why? Because you never know what the future could bring. Some things are simply out of our control, and that’s where commercial insurance starts. No matter what happens, your business is protected as long as you have the right insurance. Whether you’ve been in business for a day or decades, here are three reasons you need commercial insurance in Spartanburg, SC.  

Employee Injury

  • Scenario: You own a retail store, and an employee is mopping up after closing when she suddenly slips and falls causing injury to her back. She decides to sue. If you don’t have commercial insurance to cover the costs of litigation, medical expenses, and more, you could easily lose your business in the process. With commercial insurance, however, you can have peace of mind knowing that you are protected if an employee suddenly gets hurt.  


  • Scenario: It was a fantastic season, and your tourist business did well. Now it is time to close up shop and be a tourist yourself. While you are on vacation in Tahiti, your business is broken into, and everything is stolen. Without commercial insurance, you would be out of luck. There would be no way to recoup what you lost – unless the police catch the criminals and recover the stolen goods.  

Property Damage

  • Scenario: A lighting storm strikes the neighbor’s tree, and it falls on your roof, putting you out of business. If you have commercial insurance, there will be no need to worry. Your policy will cover the damages, and you’ll be back in business in no time.

To learn more about commercial insurance, contact the Allsurance Group.Our friendly, reputable agents have been helping satisfied customers purchase commercial insurance for a long time. You can reach Allsurance Group today at 864-641-6371.

How Are Your Points Held Against You In Auto Insurance?

Every insurance provider in Greenville or Spartanburg, SC will calculate your points differently. Depending on the insurance company, you might get a five percent bump in your rates with one insurer, and you might get a fifteen percent bump with another. The points themselves are added to your license by the South Carolina DMV, but every insurance provider will penalize you according to their own internal rule set. Allsurance Group can connect you to a range of providers so that you can find a forgiving insurer, but your best bet is to keep the points off your record in the first place.

Points will be added to your record based on many factors. Going ten miles over the limit on the highway might net you a single point, for instance, but going just a few miles over the limit in a school zone might net you two or more.

At 12 points, your license will be suspended. This doesn’t mean that you’re safe with your first-time offense if it’s a big one. Major offenses often bypass the points system entirely and go to instant suspension. But, all those little offenses can add up quickly, so you want to keep an eye on your points even if you’re a safe driver.

Some providers forgive your first accident without regard for points, and all insurers are required to honor points removed through defensive driving courses and so on. Even if you have some points on your record in Greenville or Spartanburg, SC, you have a lot of options to manage them and get excellent coverage through Allsurance Group. Reach out to our agents to learn more about a policy or try our online rating tool for quotes on auto insurance.

What to Do If You Think Your Home Has Been Broken Into

Returning to your residence and realizing someone has entered your home without your permission can be frightening, violating, and upsetting. However, our Allsurance Group team has put together this guide to help you navigate the necessary next steps on what to do if you think your Greenville or Spartanburg, SC home has been broken into.

Step #1: Call the Police

The first step to take, if you believe your home has been broken into, is to always call the police. Depending on the situation and severity of the crime, they may send an officer out or request that you make a report over the phone. Either way, make sure a formal report is filed. In addition, do not try to approach anyone still on your property or try to take matters into your own hands—leave it up to local law enforcement!

Step #2: Take an Inventory of Missing Items

Next, you will want to make a list of any missing items. Be as thorough and complete as possible. Look carefully through any drawers or cabinets left in disarray by the burglars and try to determine exactly what was taken. The more comprehensive of a list you can make, the better off you will be.

Step #3: Contact Your Insurance Agent

If you know the value of the missing items and the damage to your home exceeds your deductible, call your insurance agent. From there, a claim can be filed and the process of replacing your belongings can begin.

(Note: If your vehicle was also stolen or damaged during the incident, you will want to also file a claim with your auto insurance carrier.)

Are you ready to review your Spartanburg, SC homeowner’s insurance coverage? Contact Allsurance Group today to schedule your no-obligation appointment. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. For an auto or home insurance quote from the comfort of your computer, try our online rating tool on our website!