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Four main areas protected by basic home owners insurance.

Homeowners insurance is not intended to be suitable for everyone. Despite the fact that a typical policy comes with certain coverage, it’s usually tailored to meet the distinctive needs of an individual property holder.

Understanding what is covered and what is not covered before settling down on an option will help you make the right choices. Below are four main areas that a basic homeowners insurance policy will cover.

1. Dwelling and structures protection.

This covers the structure of your home in which you live in, other structures attached to it as well as separate structures on your property.

2. Personal property protection.

This cover protects your personal belongings that are within your home. It will help replace or repair your personal property in case of any damages which are covered by a specific risk. For personal property protection, you may be required to purchase optional coverage which will help protect your expensive and valuable items since they are considered above your basic personal coverage limits.

3. Liability protection.

This is coverage provide when someone who is not living with you gets injured while on your property. It also helps pay for any resulting legal expenses or medical bills in case you are found responsible.

4. The loss of use or temporary living expenses.

If your home is damaged from a covered loss and it becomes inhabitable, this cover will cater for all the bills and expenses incurred in your temporary home before your house is repaired and fit to live in.

At Spartanburg, SC’s Allsurance Group, our homeowner’s coverage, and flexibility to tailor make a policy which best suits your needs is our main focus. We understand that giving our client satisfactory customer service will make our clients happy, and that’s what makes us a good choice. Call us or visit us today for a remarkable experience.

Auto insurance coverage in Spartanburg, SC

Your car may not be the most valuable asset, but may be one of the most significant assets in your life. It is what takes you to every destination you desire visiting every day. Living without a car in South Carolina can be stressful but worse if you lack auto insurance. With auto insurance, you protect yourself and your vehicle in case of a road accident.

After using almost all your savings to purchase a new vehicle, the last thing you would wish as the owner is taking up another loan to repair it or pay your hospital bills after a crash. At Allsurance Group, we help you stay safe, protect your savings, and lead a more comfortable life with auto insurance. So what coverage options  are available in auto insurance?

  • Bodily injury: Pays for the expenses associated with other people’s injuries.
  • Property damage: Sometimes a car may crash into some else’s business apartment or rental apartment or even a home. This policy repays all losses.
  • Uninsured/underinsured: Not all drivers are responsible, and for this reason, you may find yourself in a compromising situation where the driver who hit your car is either uninsured or not insured enough. Irrespective of who is at fault, this policy will take care of all your loss and medical needs.
  • Comprehensive:  This coverage protects the car and pays for any damages or other issues lie theft.
  • Collision: In case you bump into an animal on the road, a stone, tree or even another motorist, collision coverage will help repair or replace the vehicle based on the wreck.

Purchasing auto insurance is one of the greatest and most essential financial decision one could ever make. If you have challenges deciding on premiums, Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC will guide you in the selection. For quotes or new policy, discussions visit us or call our customer care agents.



What Should Restaurants Know about Commercial Insurance?

Restaurants in Spartanburg, SC, need insurance just like any other commercial business. There are a number of reasons why restaurants need insurance. Kitchen disasters can happen regularly. One small fire, and you could be forced to shut down until it’s fixed. Injuries can happen at any time, whether it’s a slip and fall from spilled drinks or a waiter having an off day and spilling a pot of coffee on a guest. With liability coverage, you will be protected and avoid a major lawsuit. Liability coverage will also protect you if a guest seeks damages for food poisoning. Not only can guests get injured on the job, but so can staff members, which is why workers compensation insurance is important.

Restaurants should at a minimum have these types of common insurance: general liability, commercial property, workers compensation, and liquor liability. Liquor liability is recommended if your restaurant serves alcohol, so you aren’t held liable of an inebriated person causes damage to another person or property. There are also different types of policies restaurants can discuss with their agent at Allsurance Group. These include food contamination insurance and loss of business insurance. Food contamination insurance can help you if food spoils or is exposed to various types of contamination in a situation beyond your control. Loss of business insurance can help you if your restaurant loses sales under certain circumstances. Many restaurants are also suffering cyber security hacks, so you may want to consider cyber insurance to cover any costs that are associated with a data breach. While there are certain policies that make sense for a restaurant, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to make sure you have adequate coverage, and insurance needs can depend on the size, location, and nature of your restaurant.

Contact Allsurance Group serving Spartanburg, SC, to get a quote on insurance for your restaurant.


How to Be a Smart Driver

Whether you’re a new driver or one with multiple years of experience, it’s always wise to be smart and make sure you are doing all you can to be safe on the roadway. Not only does being a smart driver help protect your safety, but it also helps ensure you optimize the safety for everyone else on the road, including any passengers you may have in the vehicle with you. At the Allsurance Group, serving Spartanburg, SC, we are all about being safe behind the wheel of a car, and we’d like to share three tips you can follow to make sure you are a smart driver. 

Never Drink and Drive

To be a smart driver, you should never get behind the wheel of a car and drink. Nor should you ever get behind the wheel if you have drunk more than the legal limit. And here’s the catch, there is no legal limit in regards to the number of drinks you can have. There is a legal limit, though, in regards to what your blood alcohol level can be. To be on the safe side, you should never drive if you have had more than three drinks in an hour.

Always Wear a Seatbelt

One of the smartest things you can do as a driver is to always wear your seatbelt. In addition, you should get in the habit of making sure you are making your passengers wear a seatbelt too. If you have young children riding with you, it’s your responsibility to make sure they are in a car seat or booster seat.

Pay Close Attention to the Road

To be a good and smart driver, you need to make sure you are not distracted. To minimize distractions, you will want to keep your cell phone on silent and make sure the radio is turned down to a reasonable level. 

To learn more about safe driving, contact the Allsurance Group serving Spartanburg, SC. Our agents can help look over your auto insurance policy and answer any questions you may have.

Does Home Insurance Cover Home Businesses?

Home insurance is something that you have to have in cases when you have a mortgage on your home. That being said, home insurance covers far more than you might imagine, including your home business in some cases. For those in the Spartanburg, SC area, the agents with Allsurance Group can help you to get the right policy for your home.

Covering your Home Business

Home insurance covers far more than you might imagine. In most cases, your home insurance is going to cover the basic amount of your home as well as what is referred to as the contents of your home. In most cases, contents are lumped together in one large sum rather than specifically parsed out into exact items. In some cases however, as in the case of a home business, it may be more beneficial to take the time to list out each item.

You can be very specific when insuring your home and its contents, and can even go so far as to specifically name items. This is going to be more beneficial for those that have a company that may have very specific or special equipment like printers and computers. Also, if you have inventory that you want to protect, you may want to list the inventory separately. If you have a commercial policy, you can protect your business with it. If you do not however, you can list your business individually to be covered in your home policy.

No matter what you do for your home business, having the right coverage is essential. For those that live in the Spartanburg, SC area, the agents with Allsurance Group can help you find the perfect insurance policy for your needs so that your home business is covered no matter what.  

Does My Commercial Insurance Pay for That?

Is your Spartanburg, SC business fully protected?

When problems occur, the insurance experts at Allsurance Group want to make sure your business is strong enough to weather the storm. Here are some common problems that business owners encounter and how commercial insurance policies help ease the burden.

  • A small neighborhood strip mall is home to a bakery, used car lot, and several retail stores. One night, a baker accidentally leaves an oven on. In the morning, the entire property has been reduced to ashes. The bakery’s general liability policy will cover most of the damage caused by the fire. Each business may receive a payout from their own policies, depending on the unique details of their contract. If the car lot owner has dealer coverage, they can have their entire inventory replaced without risking their personal capital.
  • An entrepreneur invents and markets a miracle product. However, it is soon discovered that this product causes a mild yet adverse reaction. Product liability coverage would help that entrepreneur pay for legal defense. It would also provide funds for any court-ordered medical bills or restitution. 
  • The local pizza shop decides to offer delivery service. They may think it’s a smart move to cover the delivery vehicle under a personal auto insurance policy. However, if an accident occurs while the vehicle is being used for business, they may not be able to recoup their costs. A commercial auto insurance policy protects your business vehicles and workers.
  • Slip and falls happen frequently. A general liability insurance policy protects you and your visitors from unfortunate events. These policies pay for medical care and legal fees.
  • Even the most comprehensive insurance strategy has holes. Cover them with a commercial umbrella insurance policy. This low-premium coverage ensures you always have enough cash to rebuild, replace, and move forward.

Contact the experts at Allsurance Group in the Spartanburg, SC area for more information on business insurance policies.

Auto Insurance and How Requirements Vary By State

Auto insurance is a product offered by many insurance providers across the United States. One thing that each insurance provider has to deal with, though, is state requirements. Depending on the state where you reside, insurance requirements will vary. At the Allsurance Group, we work to serve our Spartanburg, SC clients and educate them to ensure each requirement is met.

Standard Insurance Coverage

There are a set of standard auto insurance coverages which need including as part of a policy. States are going to drive the minimum car insurance requirements for each of these types of policies.

  • The first type of coverage is known as bodily injury liability. Bodily injury liability coverage offers protection when you are the at-fault party. In an auto accident, if you are liable for causing some type of bodily injury to another party, coverage kicks in.
  • Property damage liability is another common coverage type for auto insurance. If you damage the property of another party, you are going to be covered up to the limit of this particular protection. The coverage is only if you are found at-fault for causing the property damage.
  • The last common coverage type is personal injury protection (PIP). It is also known as no-fault coverage. When you are not at-fault for an accident and unable to collect from the at-fault party’s insurance company, coverage goes into effect.
  • Finally, the fourth coverage is uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. Not everyone has adequate auto insurance. An at-fault party may not have coverage to reimburse you for losses. If they have coverage below state minimums, this will protect you from eating the costs.

Shopping for a Policy

At the Allsurance Group, the team works to make sure that all of the state required minimums are satisfied with each auto insurance policy we quote. States dictate the requirements; the goal is to make sure they are in line. Serving Spartanburg, SC, be sure to reach out to our offices to learn more about a policy and how we can get you started.

How will putting in a pool affect my home insurance?

Spring brings with it a renovation bug. You may decide to redo your kitchen, add a deck, or a pool. While you’ll add to your home’s value, Allsurance Group wants you to understand ahead of time that adding a pool to your Spartanburg, SC home can raise your insurance premiums.

Why Does a Pool Cost More?

While an updated kitchen can add to your home’s utility and safety, a swimming pool adds to its liability. The insurance community refers to a pool as an "attractive nuisance." It increases the chance of you needing to file a claim on your homeowner’s coverage.

A pool provides a danger for small children. It also enhances the chances of trespassing. People become tempted to use your pool without permission when you are not home.

The deck you build around your pool can cause a problem, too. If you choose a design with what the insurance industry considers a "risky structural" design, you’ll also see a premium spike. Raised structures, like balconies, increase the risk of falls. That can increase your premium. You can still have it all with proper planning.

Home Improvement Planning

You can avoid a surprise on your bill and still have all the comforts of home. Meet with your Allsurance Group representative first. Discuss the safest deck and pool designs. Also, talk about safety features you can have installed to mitigate some of the liabilities.

You can still renovate your Spartanburg, SC home to your liking. Putting in an extra step of planning with our agents can help you identify safety issues before they become an issue and before they cost you.

Commercial Insurance & How It Can Protect Your Assets

From the startup phase to the major corporation phase, commercial business insurance should be included in your budget. Insurance provides you peace of mind and covers you in the event of an incident. In Spartanburg, SC, Allsurance Group can help cover your business and protect it, and your personal liability, from potential litigation.

How can you protect your personal wealth and assets from your company’s liabilities? Here are a few tips:

  • Have sufficient liability insurance: Forbes suggests personal umbrella liability coverage and business umbrella coverage, depending on the circumstances

  • Keep your personal assets and business assets separate

  • Protect yourself personally from renters and liabilities surrounding rental properties

  • Review all jointly held accounts, and ensure your business name is on all business accounts, but not on your personal ones

  • Have it in writing: formalize informal partnerships, only hire contractors who are insured & bonded, and get everything under contract and in writing

  • Ensure you have filed with the correct business entity (i.e. LLC, S or C corporation, sole proprietorship, etc)

The idea behind asset protection is to shield your personal assets and finances from business claims or creditors. Asset protection plans put into place legal strategies before a lawsuit or claim happens, and can help to deter a potential claimant from suing you and/or your business and help prevent seizure of your personal assets after a judgment. Investopedia details two types of claims, internal and external, and how your assets need to be protected from both. In short, you should protect your company from a lawsuit should a liability occur on company property, and you and your company’s property should a liability occur outside company property. Knowing which kind of claims can be filed against you can help to protect your assets.

It is important to talk to an insurance agent to understand what kind of assets you have, what needs to be protected, what kind of claims can be made against you, and what you need to do to ensure your personal property and wages are protected against garnishment and seizure in the event of a suit.

Allsurance Group offers a range of policy options for those around South Carolina. Some of which include:

  • Liability coverage

  • Insurance for products you sell

  • If you operate your business out of your home

  • Insurance for outstanding loans

  • Umbrella coverage, for that extra piece of mind

If you’re unsure if you’re covered completely, or want to check up on your policy, contact Allsurance Group today, or visit our offices in Spartanburg, SC.

Why Bigger Cars May Be Cheaper to Insure

One of the biggest myths out there about car insurance is that car insurance prices are based on the cost or value of the car, with some exceptions. As such, in theory, smaller cars should be cheaper to insure compared to larger cars or SUVs, as most are cheaper to buy than bigger cars. Here at Allsurance Group, serving the greater Spartanburg, SC area, we want to dispel the myths surrounding car insurance. Here are two reasons why bigger cars may be cheaper to insure, even though they are more expensive than many smaller cars. 

Larger Cars Are Involved in Fewer Accidents

One of the reasons why it may be cheaper to insure a larger car compared to a smaller one is that bigger cars are involved in fewer accidents than smaller ones. It is unknown exactly why this is, but many people think it is because people can see larger cars easier than smaller cars. It is harder to have a larger car in your blind spot or miss it. 

Larger Cars Sustain Less Damage Than Smaller Ones

The second reason why it may be cheaper to insure bigger cars is that larger cars sustain less damage in an accident compared to a smaller car. The more damage that is sustained, the more costly the repairs are. As such, smaller cars cost more to repair, which drives insurance costs up for smaller cars. 

There are many factors that go into determining how much car insurance will cost. The price or value of a car is not the only factor used. If you are looking to purchase a new auto insurance policy, contact Allsurance Group, serving the greater Spartanburg SC area. We can help to price out different policies and find you the policy that best meets your needs.