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How to Stay Safe on Your Summer Road Trip

If you’re planning to explore the beautiful state of SC this summer, you won’t be alone. Summer’s a time when people just naturally hit the road, making summer driving a challenge. These safety tips from Allsurance Group can reduce stress and accidents on SC highways. 

Plan Your Travels

Make a road trip plan that includes the routes you want to travel and the sites you want to stop and visit along the way. Book your campsite or hotels in advance so you’re not left stranded due to a lack of accommodations. When possible, avoid traveling on national holidays when roads are congested and hazardous for driving.

Do Routine Maintenance on your Car

Have your car serviced before your travels, making sure your mechanic checks the fluids, brakes, battery, tires, lights, and wipers. You don’t want to risk having a breakdown when you’re far from your Spartanburg SC home.  

Stay Focused When Driving

Stay focused on the road when driving. Turn off your phone or store it in the back where you’re not tempted to check texts or answer calls on the road. Take regular breaks and share the driving with others, when possible, to avoid driving tired. Drive defensively, watch out for motorcyclists, and be considerate of other drivers. 

Protect Your Car & Belongings

When stopping for meals or breaks, lock your car, and safeguard your belongings to discourage thieves from making you a target. 

Review Your Auto Insurance   

Make sure you have the insurance protection you need for road trip travels. Liability coverage is required by law to protect others in accidents that are your fault. By including collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist protection to your policy, you’ll have well-rounded coverage.

Contact Allsurance Group today for the auto insurance you need for summer travels.  We serve residents in Spartanburg, SC, and surrounding communities.