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If You are in a Car Accident, What Would You Do?

Being in a car accident could make you worry about what to do because it is not always known how to manage to call the police, for example, and even get information from witnesses. You may think the accident should stay put, too, however, you should move the vehicles so that they are not in the traffic area. Driving safe will help you get your best rate from the Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC, however, if you are struck by a different vehicle or there is some problem that caused your accident, you may need to learn or review any steps for managing these ambiguities during your car accident. 

In South Carolina, you could call the police for any accident or just one with major damage and an injury or even a severe problem like death from the accident. If you decide to manage this yourself, there is a form, a Traffic Collision Report, that you would need to complete and send by mail to the address on the form within 15 days of the accident. You could do this instead of waiting for the law enforcement employee to get there if this is a small collision and is easy to manage. If there are witnesses, you get their information, like their contact details, so that your insurance company could contact them, too.

Be certain you are safe, most of all, and move your vehicle right away, if possible, away from the traffic, and remember to call the emergency number 911 if you need assistance from the police and if there is an injury, the ambulance. Your Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC would help you with managing this problem. You would contact them to get your claim information, too.