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Five Tips to Maintaining a Home Insurance Inventory

A home inventory can be daunting. That’s why Allsurance Group is providing our Spartanburg, SC clients with a quick list of tips to make the process easier to manage. 

Make a Schedule

Develop a regular schedule for reviewing and updating your household inventory. Seasonal deep cleans are great for this. Pairing inventory management with a deep clean allows you to easily update what you’ve added and what you are getting rid of. 

Add As You Get

Whenever you make a big ticket purchase or after a significant shopping spree, update your inventory. Take photographs of the item/s and any receipts or purchase agreements. This way, you’ll have less to do during your seasonal updates. 

Don’t Neglect Storage

Attics, basements, storage sheds, and other hideaways can easily conceal forgotten valuables until they are needed. When creating your inventory, make a note of what’s in there. Label the visible edge of boxes and storage containers to quickly locate your things while you are in there. Whenever you add or remove a box, update your inventory. 

Get Redundant 

Your home inventory is only helpful if you can access it for a claim. You don’t want your inventory to go up in smoke. If you keep a hard copy at home, ensure another is saved elsewhere. Digital tools make this easy with cloud storage backups.

Use Technology 

Many apps make it easier to create and manage your home inventory. You can capture photos and videos, store serial numbers and receipts, mark locations, and easily update your inventory. Plus, they often have a remote backup to cloud storage, so you know your inventory list will be safe. 
Managing your home inventory need not be a hassle. Have more questions? Reach out to Allsurance Group today. Our knowledgeable staff is happy to assist our Spartanburg, SC clients.