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How will putting in a pool affect my home insurance?

Spring brings with it a renovation bug. You may decide to redo your kitchen, add a deck, or a pool. While you’ll add to your home’s value, Allsurance Group wants you to understand ahead of time that adding a pool to your Spartanburg, SC home can raise your insurance premiums.

Why Does a Pool Cost More?

While an updated kitchen can add to your home’s utility and safety, a swimming pool adds to its liability. The insurance community refers to a pool as an "attractive nuisance." It increases the chance of you needing to file a claim on your homeowner’s coverage.

A pool provides a danger for small children. It also enhances the chances of trespassing. People become tempted to use your pool without permission when you are not home.

The deck you build around your pool can cause a problem, too. If you choose a design with what the insurance industry considers a "risky structural" design, you’ll also see a premium spike. Raised structures, like balconies, increase the risk of falls. That can increase your premium. You can still have it all with proper planning.

Home Improvement Planning

You can avoid a surprise on your bill and still have all the comforts of home. Meet with your Allsurance Group representative first. Discuss the safest deck and pool designs. Also, talk about safety features you can have installed to mitigate some of the liabilities.

You can still renovate your Spartanburg, SC home to your liking. Putting in an extra step of planning with our agents can help you identify safety issues before they become an issue and before they cost you.