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Spring is Here: Repair Winter Damage and Protect Your Home

As the air turns warmer and your Spartanburg, SC garden begins to bloom, it’s time to take a good look at your property and clean up some of the winter’s damage created by torrential rains and high winds. Allsurance Group offers you this quick checklist to help you fix up your home while protecting its value and appeal.

  • Secure the Siding: Take a ladder and a bucket of nails and ensure the cedar shakes, vinyl sidings, and window trim that may have worked loose are firmly put back in place. Loose and missing siding lowers your home’s ability to block summer heat while inviting water and the wind inside.
  • Patch Your Sidewalk and Driveway: A firm, flat approach to your home helps your guests to avoid injury from a trip, fall, or potential flat tires when they run over that ever-growing pothole.
  • Replace or Repair Cracked and Broken Windows:  While lowering their efficiency in blocking solar heating, a cracked or broken storm window can tell a passing burglar that your home may be an easy mark. It is important for the presentation of your home and for keeping the air conditioning inside.
  • Trim Broken Branches and Damaged Hedges: A dangling branch hanging from your favorite oak tree is simply waiting to fall onto your house, car, or a child playing in the yard. When you make a clean cut where the branch joins the trunk, you reduce the risk of injury and increase the longevity of the tree.
  • Clean Out Your Gutters: Before summer rains arrive, completing this grungy chore can prevent water from backing up under your shingles and cause water damage to your perfectly good rood.

For more tips on how to protect the value of your Spartanburg, SC home while reducing your liability, contact your agent at Allsurance Group. If you are looking for quotes on your home insurance, check out our online rating tool to find a quote from home.