Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners in South Carolina and North Carolina can contact the agents at the Allsurance Group for great deals on homeowners' insurance coverage. The Allsurance Group provide a variety of homeowners' policies for residents of South Carolina and North Carolina. Our locally based agents are available to answer your questions and process your claims, with local knowledge of your community.

Why do I need homeowners' insurance?

Homeowners insurance covers your costs in case of a situation where your home is damaged or destroyed. When you buy, refinance, or borrow against your home, most lenders require proof of homeowner's insurance because that insurance also covers the percentage of your property's value that is held as collateral against that loan.

What does homeowners' insurance cover?

Each policy can be fine-tuned to meet your specific needs and the risks most common to South Carolina. If you own a single family dwelling, your homeowners' insurance should cover property damage and replacement cost. This means that if your home is damaged, you can submit a claim to cover the cost to repair, or if your home is destroyed your insurance will provide you with the cash equivalent to cover the cost of replacing your home. Some policies cover contents, liability, theft, and specific risks like fire. Please note that homeowners' insurance policies do not cover flood or hurricane damage, you will need an additional policy to protect you if you live in a flood zone or near the coast where hurricanes may be a risk.

What is the difference between a deductible and a premium?

The premium is the annual cost of the insurance policy. This is what you pay for coverage. The deductible is the amount you are responsible for if you have to make a claim on the policy.

If you need homeowners' insurance or think you are over paying for an existing policy, contact the Allsurance Group today for information about the homeowners' insurance packages available.