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Worst Case Scenario: What to Do In The Event Of A Lawsuit Against You and Your Property

You’ve Been Sued – It’s Alright – That’s What We Specialize In

Serving the Sonoma County, CA area and the surrounding area, Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services agents provide insurance underwriting for your home as well as sound professional advice on how to acquire the best protection for many areas of vulnerability in your life where insurance is necessary.

Scenarios Wherein You May Have Vulnerability

  • A solicitor slips on a leaf while approaching your home to ring the bell.
  • If someone takes a bad spill in front of your home breaking their leg.  
  • A guest at a backyard party trips over some item embedded in your lawn that was not seen.
  • A delivery person falls down your step that was missing a tile or two. 

Having a comprehensive insurance policy is a great proactive measure. If you live in Sonoma County CA or a surrounding area you can sit down with an agent at Allegheny Pacific and discuss your particular lifestyle, (i.e entertaining at home) and how it affects your insurance needs. Contacting our office via telephone or website is also available. 

Unfortunately in today’s society, many people are on the prowl for an opportunity to sue someone for financial gain. Your first line of defense is your insurance company. Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services is well versed in how to address this concern. If the person has sustained a legitimate injury the insurance company will work with the individuals representative to determine if the home insurance policy encompasses the aspect at fault for the injury. 

Your agent will work with you in this determination process to gain knowledge of the event and make certain it is accurately presented and documented before a determination can be made.