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Required Auto Insurance in South Carolina

South Carolina has strict auto insurance laws that require every vehicle in the state to be covered by at least the minimum amounts mandated by law. However, in South Carolina, the minimum amounts of coverage that you must have are relatively low, and this can leave you vulnerable to lawsuits and other legal and financial problems. If you have no insurance at all, the state can charge you with a specific fine that is charged for every day the vehicle is not insured. To get your vehicle insured, contact us at Spartanburg, SC in Allsurance Group.

Bodily Injury Coverage

The state mandates that you have bodily injury coverage that is for anyone injured in an accident that you cause. This is called bodily injury liability, and there is a minimum amount required for a single person who becomes injured in an accident and another for everyone who suffers an injury from it. In addition, there is an amount required for one person injured in an accident with an uninsured motorist and a higher amount required for everyone who is injured. 

Property Damage Coverage

Medical bills aren’t the only bills that come after an accident. There may be property damage that is caused by your vehicle, and you are required to have coverage for this as well. There is a set amount required for your property damage liability and another amount required for property damage in an accident with an uninsured motorist. The liability coverage pays for someone else’s property damage while the uninsured motorist coverage is for your own vehicle. 

Get Your South Carolina Vehicle Covered

It certainly doesn’t pay to go without auto insurance. In fact, it can cost you quite a bit. To make sure that you have enough auto coverage, give us a call at Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC.