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Tips on How to Protect a Home from Storm Damage

Climate change is bringing more incidents of severe weather. Rain and thunderstorms are becoming more frequent and causing more damage in many parts of the country. South Carolina is not immune to these problems. Be sure to conduct a home insurance review with your agent at Allsurance Group, serving Spartanburg, SC, and the nearby communities, to make sure your home insurance is adequate.

How to Prepare for Storms

Here are some tips of things to do to protect a home from storm damage:

  1. Roof Maintenance: Keeping a roof in good condition is something that should be done with regular maintenance. Any small leaks can be a source of major damage in a big storm. For shingle and tile roofs, replace any broken tiles or damaged shingles.
  2. Clean Gutters: Keeping gutters free of debris lets rainwater runs off the roof properly and not collect in a pool on the roof that can cause a leak.
  3. Repair Downspouts: It is important to make sure any water that comes down from the roof goes properly through the downspouts to flow away from the home. Water that collects at the base of the home’s exterior walls, and then seeps down, can damage the foundation by causing cracks to form during freezing temperatures.
  4. Sump Pump: For homes with a basement and others with rooms subject to water seepage, be sure you have a sump pump and that it is in working condition.
  5. Seals Windows and Doors: Be sure the doors and windows have proper weather-stripping and do not leak.
  6. Siding Maintenance: Keep siding in good conditions through regular maintenance and repair any cracks or loose siding.
  7. Landscaping: Regularly trim trees. Large trees near home are especially dangerous. Considering cutting them way back or removing them altogether.
  8. Fencing: Check fence posts to make sure there are no loose ones. Strong winds can uproot them and turn them into projectiles.
  9. Emergency Generator: Have a working generator for emergency power and fresh fuel supply that is safely stored and ready for use.
  10. Storm Windows: If a storm is coming, put up storm windows or cover glass windows with strong plywood.

To get a quote for home insurance call 864-641-6371 to speak with your agent at Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC or use the online request form.

Does Home Insurance Cover Sheds?

Home insurance is something that all homeowners can benefit from and having a policy that is tailored to your particular property is a must. Your home policy is going to cover everything in the home, and any seeds that are on your property as well as their contents. For those that live in the Spartanburg, SC area, the agents with Allsurance Group can help you find the policy that works for you.

Home policies cover a huge range of things that you may not even realize, like a shed that is on your property. Sheds are considered to be part of home property which means that if a shed catches on fire or is destroyed, you can claim it on your home policy and can also claim the contents of the shed as well. Your home policy will need to have sheds and any sort of contents named on the policy however in order for you to be able to claim them.

When you take out a home policy you need to establish what buildings are on the property and what the contents of those buildings are valued at. This is a similar notion to insuring a detached garage, you need to name both the building and state how much you want to insure the contents for. When you take a home policy you should allow the insurance adjuster to take a look at the shed and determine how much it needs to be insured for and how much you should insure the contents for as well.

It is always easier to figure out what to insure a shed and its contents with the help of an agent. For those in the Spartanburg, SC area, the agents with Allsurance Group can help you find the policy that covers your home and your shed.  

Why Do Homeowners Need More Than Basic Home Insurance?

One of the biggest potential mistakes that homeowners make when it comes to making a decision about home insurance is to only get the basic insurance required by the mortgage lender for the property. Studies show that more than two-thirds of American homes are likely to be under-insured. Talk with your agent at Allsurance Group serving Spartanburg, SC and the surrounding areas to understand your home insurance policy limits and to see if you have adequate home insurance.

Avoiding Under-Insurance Problems

The reason why homes are under-insured when having only the basic insurance required by the mortgage lender is that the only amount insured is the balance remaining on the home loan. This insurance only protects the mortgage lender to make sure the home loan balance is paid off if the home is totally destroyed. Obviously, this does little to help the homeowner if their home is destroyed. Any down payment or difference between the value of the home and the remaining loan amount is completely lost causing a huge financial problem for the homeowner.

Replacement Cost Home Insurance

A much better thing to have for the homeowner’s protection is a home insurance policy that covers the replacement cost value of the home. This type of insurance allows a home to be rebuilt to a similar condition after it has been completely destroyed. Also, talk with your agent about flood insurance because this coverage is an additional policy that is separate insurance from home insurance.

Each year, take the time to get an insurance review and explain to your insurance agent anything that has changed during the past year. For example, if you make a renovation on your home, tell the agent about the work that was done and how much you spent on the construction project. The agent will also use a cost-increase factor to recalculate replacement cost because the cost of materials and labor usually increases each year.

When you have replacement cost home insurance, you can rest easy and know that if there is a major disaster your home can be rebuilt without extensive money coming out-of-pocket. Consult with your agent at Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC to get a quote for home insurance or to have a home insurance review to make sure your coverage is adequate.

Does Home Insurance Cover Home Businesses?

Home insurance is something that you have to have in cases when you have a mortgage on your home. That being said, home insurance covers far more than you might imagine, including your home business in some cases. For those in the Spartanburg, SC area, the agents with Allsurance Group can help you to get the right policy for your home.

Covering your Home Business

Home insurance covers far more than you might imagine. In most cases, your home insurance is going to cover the basic amount of your home as well as what is referred to as the contents of your home. In most cases, contents are lumped together in one large sum rather than specifically parsed out into exact items. In some cases however, as in the case of a home business, it may be more beneficial to take the time to list out each item.

You can be very specific when insuring your home and its contents, and can even go so far as to specifically name items. This is going to be more beneficial for those that have a company that may have very specific or special equipment like printers and computers. Also, if you have inventory that you want to protect, you may want to list the inventory separately. If you have a commercial policy, you can protect your business with it. If you do not however, you can list your business individually to be covered in your home policy.

No matter what you do for your home business, having the right coverage is essential. For those that live in the Spartanburg, SC area, the agents with Allsurance Group can help you find the perfect insurance policy for your needs so that your home business is covered no matter what.  

How will putting in a pool affect my home insurance?

Spring brings with it a renovation bug. You may decide to redo your kitchen, add a deck, or a pool. While you’ll add to your home’s value, Allsurance Group wants you to understand ahead of time that adding a pool to your Spartanburg, SC home can raise your insurance premiums.

Why Does a Pool Cost More?

While an updated kitchen can add to your home’s utility and safety, a swimming pool adds to its liability. The insurance community refers to a pool as an "attractive nuisance." It increases the chance of you needing to file a claim on your homeowner’s coverage.

A pool provides a danger for small children. It also enhances the chances of trespassing. People become tempted to use your pool without permission when you are not home.

The deck you build around your pool can cause a problem, too. If you choose a design with what the insurance industry considers a "risky structural" design, you’ll also see a premium spike. Raised structures, like balconies, increase the risk of falls. That can increase your premium. You can still have it all with proper planning.

Home Improvement Planning

You can avoid a surprise on your bill and still have all the comforts of home. Meet with your Allsurance Group representative first. Discuss the safest deck and pool designs. Also, talk about safety features you can have installed to mitigate some of the liabilities.

You can still renovate your Spartanburg, SC home to your liking. Putting in an extra step of planning with our agents can help you identify safety issues before they become an issue and before they cost you.

Will my homeowner’s insurance cover items like jewelry and artwork?

Your jewelry, artwork, and other unique collections may be your most valuable possessions. Although you probably attach a sentimental value to them also, your jewelry and artwork may be worth more money too. If you lose your valuables to an unfortunate circumstance, you want to make sure that you can at least receive adequate compensation for them. Even though you will not always be able to replace items that are unique or original, at least you can ensure that you receive monetary compensation.

Most of the time, your homeowner’s insurance policy would cover your losses if they occurred as a result of theft, fire, vehicle damage, water damage due to broken pipes, or other kinds of events. The list of covered events usually includes damage from automobiles, riots, weather-related damage, and even volcanoes. However, flooding is an exception, and if you live in an area of Spartanburg, SC where this is a possibility, you may want to check your policy and make sure you are covered. There are several rivers in the area that could cause your home to be in danger of flood damage.

Additionally, your policy also has certain limits on how much you can recover. If you lose more than the amount specified, you will not be able to receive compensation to recover your loss adequately. Most of your questions about what is covered will be spelled out in your contract, and your representative at the Allsurance Group will be happy to explain any questions you have.

If you have any questions or would like information on how to obtain additional coverage, please call Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC today.

Are There Items That Traditional Home Insurance Does Not Cover?

Protecting your home and your family’s place of living is imperative for many individuals around the globe. Getting the most protection and coverage without breaking your budget is also often a priority for millions of families worldwide. When you are seeking out home insurance in Spartanburg, SC or around the state, there are a few factors to keep in mind to better understand your home’s insurance policy and what traditional items it may or may not cover, depending on your provider. The more informed you are of policy law in South Carolina, the easier it becomes to make a choice you are confident in any time you are shopping for a new insurance policy and provider. An Allsurance Group agent can help provide the answers you seek if your questions aren’t answered below.

What Traditional Home Insurance Typically Covers

Traditional home insurance policies cover your house and its occupants along with surroundings that may be outdoor but also within your property. Medical payments and bills are also covered if an accident is to occur inside or outside of your home while still on your property.

What Home Insurance Policies Do Not Cover

When shopping for home insurance policies, it is important to consider that there are accidents and incidents that are not typically covered under traditional plans. Sewer backups, earthquakes, and floods are not covered by most home insurance plans. Instead, you are required to opt for additional coverage solutions if you are looking to add an additional layer of protection to your home in the case of a natural disaster. Identity theft is also not covered by most home insurance plans, so it is highly advisable to seek protection from an identity theft protection service or by speaking to your insurance representative about the potential issue. In some policies, dog bites along with swimming pools are not entirely covered, which is why it is imperative to truly know your homeowner’s insurance policy in and out at all times.

Determine which type of home insurance policy is right for you today by contacting Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC, serving the state of South Carolina.

What to Do If You Think Your Home Has Been Broken Into

Returning to your residence and realizing someone has entered your home without your permission can be frightening, violating, and upsetting. However, our Allsurance Group team has put together this guide to help you navigate the necessary next steps on what to do if you think your Greenville or Spartanburg, SC home has been broken into.

Step #1: Call the Police

The first step to take, if you believe your home has been broken into, is to always call the police. Depending on the situation and severity of the crime, they may send an officer out or request that you make a report over the phone. Either way, make sure a formal report is filed. In addition, do not try to approach anyone still on your property or try to take matters into your own hands—leave it up to local law enforcement!

Step #2: Take an Inventory of Missing Items

Next, you will want to make a list of any missing items. Be as thorough and complete as possible. Look carefully through any drawers or cabinets left in disarray by the burglars and try to determine exactly what was taken. The more comprehensive of a list you can make, the better off you will be.

Step #3: Contact Your Insurance Agent

If you know the value of the missing items and the damage to your home exceeds your deductible, call your insurance agent. From there, a claim can be filed and the process of replacing your belongings can begin.

(Note: If your vehicle was also stolen or damaged during the incident, you will want to also file a claim with your auto insurance carrier.)

Are you ready to review your Spartanburg, SC homeowner’s insurance coverage? Contact Allsurance Group today to schedule your no-obligation appointment. We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have. For an auto or home insurance quote from the comfort of your computer, try our online rating tool on our website!

Spring is Here: Repair Winter Damage and Protect Your Home

As the air turns warmer and your Spartanburg, SC garden begins to bloom, it’s time to take a good look at your property and clean up some of the winter’s damage created by torrential rains and high winds. Allsurance Group offers you this quick checklist to help you fix up your home while protecting its value and appeal.

  • Secure the Siding: Take a ladder and a bucket of nails and ensure the cedar shakes, vinyl sidings, and window trim that may have worked loose are firmly put back in place. Loose and missing siding lowers your home’s ability to block summer heat while inviting water and the wind inside.
  • Patch Your Sidewalk and Driveway: A firm, flat approach to your home helps your guests to avoid injury from a trip, fall, or potential flat tires when they run over that ever-growing pothole.
  • Replace or Repair Cracked and Broken Windows:  While lowering their efficiency in blocking solar heating, a cracked or broken storm window can tell a passing burglar that your home may be an easy mark. It is important for the presentation of your home and for keeping the air conditioning inside.
  • Trim Broken Branches and Damaged Hedges: A dangling branch hanging from your favorite oak tree is simply waiting to fall onto your house, car, or a child playing in the yard. When you make a clean cut where the branch joins the trunk, you reduce the risk of injury and increase the longevity of the tree.
  • Clean Out Your Gutters: Before summer rains arrive, completing this grungy chore can prevent water from backing up under your shingles and cause water damage to your perfectly good rood.

For more tips on how to protect the value of your Spartanburg, SC home while reducing your liability, contact your agent at Allsurance Group. If you are looking for quotes on your home insurance, check out our online rating tool to find a quote from home.

Worst Case Scenario: What to Do In The Event Of A Lawsuit Against You and Your Property

You’ve Been Sued – It’s Alright – That’s What We Specialize In

Serving the Sonoma County, CA area and the surrounding area, Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services agents provide insurance underwriting for your home as well as sound professional advice on how to acquire the best protection for many areas of vulnerability in your life where insurance is necessary.

Scenarios Wherein You May Have Vulnerability

  • A solicitor slips on a leaf while approaching your home to ring the bell.
  • If someone takes a bad spill in front of your home breaking their leg.  
  • A guest at a backyard party trips over some item embedded in your lawn that was not seen.
  • A delivery person falls down your step that was missing a tile or two. 

Having a comprehensive insurance policy is a great proactive measure. If you live in Sonoma County CA or a surrounding area you can sit down with an agent at Allegheny Pacific and discuss your particular lifestyle, (i.e entertaining at home) and how it affects your insurance needs. Contacting our office via telephone or website is also available. 

Unfortunately in today’s society, many people are on the prowl for an opportunity to sue someone for financial gain. Your first line of defense is your insurance company. Allegheny Pacific Insurance Services is well versed in how to address this concern. If the person has sustained a legitimate injury the insurance company will work with the individuals representative to determine if the home insurance policy encompasses the aspect at fault for the injury. 

Your agent will work with you in this determination process to gain knowledge of the event and make certain it is accurately presented and documented before a determination can be made.