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Why Bigger Cars May Be Cheaper to Insure

One of the biggest myths out there about car insurance is that car insurance prices are based on the cost or value of the car, with some exceptions. As such, in theory, smaller cars should be cheaper to insure compared to larger cars or SUVs, as most are cheaper to buy than bigger cars. Here at Allsurance Group, serving the greater Spartanburg, SC area, we want to dispel the myths surrounding car insurance. Here are two reasons why bigger cars may be cheaper to insure, even though they are more expensive than many smaller cars. 

Larger Cars Are Involved in Fewer Accidents

One of the reasons why it may be cheaper to insure a larger car compared to a smaller one is that bigger cars are involved in fewer accidents than smaller ones. It is unknown exactly why this is, but many people think it is because people can see larger cars easier than smaller cars. It is harder to have a larger car in your blind spot or miss it. 

Larger Cars Sustain Less Damage Than Smaller Ones

The second reason why it may be cheaper to insure bigger cars is that larger cars sustain less damage in an accident compared to a smaller car. The more damage that is sustained, the more costly the repairs are. As such, smaller cars cost more to repair, which drives insurance costs up for smaller cars. 

There are many factors that go into determining how much car insurance will cost. The price or value of a car is not the only factor used. If you are looking to purchase a new auto insurance policy, contact Allsurance Group, serving the greater Spartanburg SC area. We can help to price out different policies and find you the policy that best meets your needs.