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Things You May Not Know are Covered by Home Insurance

Home insurance can cover things you may not expect. At Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC, we offer insurance policies to meet all your needs, including homeowners insurance. 

Wild Animal Raids

You probably know that your homeowner’s policy protects you from vandalism and theft from humans. However, you may not know this also applies to animals. If a bear breaks into your house or a deer destroys your new landscaping, the cost of repairs is covered. 

It’s important to note that this applies to wild animals. If your pet pooch destroys your couch, you are on your own. 

Space Debris 

Homeowner’s policy typically protects you from falling debris. This includes tree limbs but also unexpected hazards like meteorites and asteroids. If space junk flattens your living room, you are covered. 

Living and Housing Expenses 

If your home is damaged and you need to stay somewhere else temporarily, this will cover your living and housing expenses until you return. This includes hotel accommodations and food expenses while waiting for your home’s repair. 

Personal Belongings at College

Your homeowner’s policy covers your personal belongings, which can extend outside your home. If you have a child off at college, their belongings may also be covered. If their laptop is stolen, your policy may cover the replacement cost. 

Obtaining a Lawyer if You Are Sued 

Your homeowner’s policy also covers liability. This means if someone is injured on your property, your insurance policy will cover the judgment against you and your legal expenses to defend yourself in court. 

Homeowners Insurance with Allsurance Group

If you need homeowner’s insurance in Spartanburg, SC, contact us at Allsurance Group. Our agents are happy to speak with you and help you choose the best policies for your needs.