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Common Myths About Auto Insurance

We cannot stress enough that auto insurance is a must-have investment if you own a vehicle in Spartanburg, SC, and other parts of America. While auto insurance is mandatory in South Carolina, car insurance comes in handy when faced with unfortunate events. Auto insurance provides liability protection, protects your assets, and pays for medical expenses when involved in an auto accident. 

Regrettably, you might find many motorists without auto insurance. While there are many reasons people choose not to buy auto insurance, misconceptions around car insurance contribute to this trend. In light of this, Allsurance Group is here to debunk common auto insurance myths. 

Myth #1: Color affects your auto insurance rate

You might have heard that color, especially red color affects your auto insurance premium. The truth is that insurers don’t factor in the color of your vehicle when computing the insurance rate. In fact, your insurer doesn’t even know the color of your vehicle. Claim history, age, model, location, and driving history are some factors considered when establishing your auto insurance rate — color isn’t one of them. 

Myth #2: State-required auto insurance is adequate

South Carolina requires motorists to have at least property damage and bodily injury liability coverages in their auto insurance. While purchasing these coverages is vital, they are never adequate. You need to consider other auto insurance coverages like comprehensive, collision, PIP, and roadside assistance coverages for maximum protection. 

Myth #3: A traffic ticket automatically increases your auto insurance rate

Although getting a driving ticket isn’t something to be proud of, if minor, it has no impact on your auto insurance rate. However, the problem is when you have multiple traffic tickets — they can increase your auto insurance premium. 

Myth #4: Comprehensive coverage protects you against everything

Perhaps, because of the name comprehensive, many people assume that comprehensive coverage protects you against everything. The truth is that comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle against physical damage from perils like theft, fire, falling objects, and several natural calamities but excludes collision-related risks.

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