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How To Expedite Your Auto Insurance Claim

It can take weeks or even months for providers to process auto insurance claims. Fortunately, these tips from our team at Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC, can help you get a faster claim resolution.

Don’t delay in getting evidence immediately after the incident. It’s best not to allow any vehicles to be moved before photos are taken. Still, in certain circumstances, the vehicles may need to clear the roadway ASAP to avoid injuries or disrupting traffic. After contacting the authorities, doing the following can help claims get processed faster.

Document Everything Diligently

  • Snapshot the Scene: Even if you are going to move the auto, take any quick pics you can to document the scene as is. Do your best to document damage to both vehicles and take photos of street signs, skid marks, and anything else that could confirm the nature of the incident.
  • Contact Information—Get the names, addresses, and phone numbers of anyone in either vehicle and witnesses.
  • Insurance Information—Exchange insurance information with the other involved party and take photos of that and their ID if possible.

Contact Your Insurer Immediately

Get your claim moving along by contacting your provider immediately, and do so from the accident scene if it’s safe. The sooner you start the claims process, the easier it is for adjusters to start making inquiries.

Cooperate with Your Insurance Adjuster

When your adjuster tries to contact you or requests information, it’s in your best interest to stay in communication with them and meet their requests. They might ask for additional details about the accident, request body shop quotes, or status updates on repairs in the works. Cooperation goes far concerning getting a faster processing of your claim.

Streamline Auto Insurance Claims

With a top provider and your cooperation, insurance claims can often be processed quicker and get you back on the road fast. Contact Allsurance Group online or stop by our office in Spartanburg, SC to get your policy set up today.