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Auto Insurance Add-Ons to Consider

Most drivers will only have a policy that covers liability and damage caused to them by an uninsured motorist. This minimum is necessary to keep the cars rolling, but it’s only one potential benefit of an auto insurance policy. Allsurance Group recommends considering the following as add ons to your policy to round out your coverage.

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage is an add-on that pays benefits when your vehicle is damaged by another motorist, whether or not they have their own insurance. The financial damage from an accident can easily be more than the value of the other motorist’s coverage, leaving you unable to pay the repair bills. You can add on collision coverage based on your vehicle’s value to keep that from happening.

Comprehension Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is similar to collision coverage, but it expands the covered perils to a wider range of causes. Your car typically isn’t covered in a homeowners’ insurance policy, so damage to it from a fire or storm won’t be covered by it or a collision coverage policy, and natural events don’t carry liability insurance. With this add-on, nearly any form of damage to your vehicle won’t be solely your responsibility to fix.

Medical Payment Coverage

Medical payment coverage, referred to as personal injury protection (PIP) for Spartanburg SC consumers, covers the cost of medical bills for yourself or your passengers in case of an accident. Injuries from an accident can exceed your healthcare insurance without this.

Ask about Your Options

You won’t know which options are available or how much you’ll benefit from them until you talk with an agent who can go over the details of your situation. Residents of Spartanburg, SC can message or call us at Allsurance Group for assistance tailored to South Carolina law.