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How to Stay Safe on Your Summer Road Trip

If you’re planning to explore the beautiful state of SC this summer, you won’t be alone. Summer’s a time when people just naturally hit the road, making summer driving a challenge. These safety tips from Allsurance Group can reduce stress and accidents on SC highways. 

Plan Your Travels

Make a road trip plan that includes the routes you want to travel and the sites you want to stop and visit along the way. Book your campsite or hotels in advance so you’re not left stranded due to a lack of accommodations. When possible, avoid traveling on national holidays when roads are congested and hazardous for driving.

Do Routine Maintenance on your Car

Have your car serviced before your travels, making sure your mechanic checks the fluids, brakes, battery, tires, lights, and wipers. You don’t want to risk having a breakdown when you’re far from your Spartanburg SC home.  

Stay Focused When Driving

Stay focused on the road when driving. Turn off your phone or store it in the back where you’re not tempted to check texts or answer calls on the road. Take regular breaks and share the driving with others, when possible, to avoid driving tired. Drive defensively, watch out for motorcyclists, and be considerate of other drivers. 

Protect Your Car & Belongings

When stopping for meals or breaks, lock your car, and safeguard your belongings to discourage thieves from making you a target. 

Review Your Auto Insurance   

Make sure you have the insurance protection you need for road trip travels. Liability coverage is required by law to protect others in accidents that are your fault. By including collision, comprehensive, and uninsured motorist protection to your policy, you’ll have well-rounded coverage.

Contact Allsurance Group today for the auto insurance you need for summer travels.  We serve residents in Spartanburg, SC, and surrounding communities.

What is a home inventory and why do I need one

Life is unpredictable. Things can be going along just great and out of the blue, you are hit with something unexpected. That is why people have insurance, for the unexpected moments in life. Home insurance is there to protect you and your home against hazards that can damage or destroy it. Filing a claim is always stressful and it is at a time like this when a home inventory can take away some of the stress. At Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC, the experienced team can help you to understand how to get through a difficult time. 

A home inventory is a listing of all the items that you own. You may ask "why do I need to write this down, I know what I own". Most people would respond in that way but think about this, off the top of your head try to write down everything that is in your bedroom closet or your linen closet. Then take what you wrote and compare it to what is actually there. You will be surprised when you compare the list to the actual content. Then try to imagine needing to name the brand of things and when purchased. 

When you think about the number of items that you own, it can be overwhelming. By taking the time and inventorying everything you will save yourself a huge headache when it comes time to file a claim for a loss. With electronics and appliances write down brand names and models and included an invoice if you have it or where and when purchased.  Your claim will go much more smoothly and quickly if you have this ready to hand over with your claim. 

When you are ready to review your home insurance or are looking for a new policy call or stop by the office of Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC. 

Is Commercial Insurance Legally Mandated?

If you run a business, you’re not legally required to carry any form of commercial insurance.

That doesn’t mean you can skip it. It only means that it’s not the law telling you that your Spartanburg, SC business needs to carry insurance.

The law mandates liability coverage for drivers because we put everyone else’s safety in our own hands when we go out on the road. When you’re running a business, there are risks, but those risks are rarely as dramatic as the risks that we take on the road. So, legally, businesses are generally allowed to buy, or not buy, insurance at their own discretion.

That said, you may find yourself in any number of situations where insurance is a requisite. If you work as a general contractor, for example, and you’re competing against another contractor for a job, nine times out of ten, the client is going to go with the fully licensed, bonded, and insured contractor. If you’re partnering up with another company in your industry, they may insist that you get fully covered before going forward so that they don’t have to share in your own unprotected liability.

Legally, the only insurance your business is required to carry is going to be on any commercial autos your company operates. But necessity doesn’t begin and end at the letter of the law. Just because you won’t face fines or jail time for going without insurance doesn’t mean you won’t pay for it in the long run.

If you’re looking to get your Spartanburg, SC company insured, get in touch with Allsurance Group. Allsurance Group can get you the coverage that you need to run a safe, successful business.

Why You Should Add Your Teenage Driver To Your Auto Insurance Policy

At Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC, we usually give our clients reasons why they should add their teenage drivers to their auto insurance policy. If you also have a teenage driver in your household, you may want to do the same because of the reasons given below.

1.    It is mandatory

In South Carolina, it is mandatory for every driver to be insured regardless of their age because they’ll pose a serious risk to other road users if they are not insured. So, once your child starts taking his driving lessons, you should start making plans to add him to your policy.

2.    It is more cost-effective

It will definitely cost you less than buying a separate insurance policy for him. Insurers believe that teenage drivers are riskier to insure. Furthermore, it has been established that auto accidents are the leading cause of death of teens within the age bracket of 15 and 19. 

So, it will cost you a lot of money to purchase a separate policy for your son. You’ll be paying your premium and you’ll also pay the premium for your teenage driver. This could put a strain on your income. That’s why we feel that it will be cheaper for you to add him to your policy.

3.    What happens if they are involved in an accident?

If your uninsured teenage driver crashes your car, injuring other motorists, and damaging his car, your insurer may not pay you a dime because you didn’t include him in your policy. In fact, they may accuse you of committing fraud. In such a situation, you may have to fix the third party’s car and foot his medical bills out of your pocket. 

Remember, you still have to fix your own car and take care of your son if he’s injured. The point here is that a single crash from your uninsured teenage driver could plunge you into debt. Don’t let the high cost of insuring teenage drivers prevent you from adding your son to your policy. See us at Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC, and we’ll give you tips on how to reduce the cost. 

4 Ways to Prepare Your Car For the Spring

The transition of winter to spring in South Carolina is a beautiful one from one side of the state to the other. At Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC, we want our auto insurance customers to be prepared for the changing weather and prepare their cars for the approaching changes. 

Tire Inspection

As the warmer weather comes to South Carolina, the pressure will start to change. This pressure will alter the pressure in your tires and will need to be replenished. Have your tires inspected to ensure that they have the appropriate pressure levels. During this inspection, the technician should also inspect the tire tread and ensure that your tires are wearing evenly. 

Change Your Cabin Air Filter

Whether you are in Spartanburg SC or other parts of the state, the beginning of spring means that you can expect a thick yellow layer of pollen for several weeks. Before your favorite trees and flowers start to blossom, make sure that you have a new cabin air filter to keep the pollen from coming into the cabin of your car while driving. 

Check Your Air Conditioning

Because spring in the Palmetto state is very warm, it is essential to ensure that your air conditioning is ready for the rising temperatures. Have the system inspected and ensure that it is in working order to keep your cabin cool while you are traveling. Have your AC recharged to get the coldest air and your radiator inspected for leaks. Every two years, you should flush your radiator and have it filled with the proper solution of coolant and water to make sure that it is properly operating. 

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If you are looking for auto insurance around Spartanburg SC, you can give our team at Allsurance Group a call or visit our online rating tool for your personalized policy quote. 

Does Home Insurance Cover Damaged Personal Items?

Home insurance is necessary to protect the things we value and our investments. After all, a home is one of the highest dollar purchases we make in our lifetimes. In order to protect our interests, and comply with any financing obligations, a certain amount of home insurance is necessary, but does it cover our personal items inside the home?

What Is Covered?

You may know what the deductible for the home insurance is, and likely what events are covered, but do you know if your personal items are covered? In most cases, you will need contents coverage to protect major appliances and items of significant value that can be appraised or verified. When it comes to clothing and other personal items, they are usually not covered. If you are unsure what your current policy covers or you are shopping for a home insurance policy, be sure to work with an experienced agent.

Working With Your Agent

One of the best ways to protect your home is to work with an agent who knows the ins and outs of home insurance. They can help you identify your current and future coverage needs. Additionally, they can match you with a variety of policies that you can choose from. They explain all of the fine print and the terms and conditions before the purchase so you can be an informed buyer. If you are living in or near the Spartanburg SC area, you can depend on the agents at Allsurance Group to give you the personalized service you need to get great coverage. 

Don’t take chances on insurance without the assistance of Allsurance Group, serving Spartanburg, SC, because they can match you with the ideal policy to give you peace of mind. Call or stop by the office today to learn more. 

Comprehensive vs Collision Coverage

Allsurance Group serves residents who live in or near Spartanburg, SC. When it comes to auto insurance, they can provide you with the insurance you need so that you have the level of protection you want while still complying with South Carolina’s mandatory insurance requirements. In most cases, the type of insurance you have will be determined by the type of vehicle you drive and whether or not you own or are paying for a loan.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage is designed to cover the car in almost every type of situation. This is the type of policy banks and lending institutions require while they hold the lien or title to the vehicle. This ensures that they will be reimbursed for the value of the car if it is totaled out before you have a chance to pay it off. Comprehensive coverage also covers the cost of items that are stolen if your car is broken into.

Collision Insurance Coverage

Collision insurance is the type of insurance normally purchased by a car owner once the loan has been paid off. This type of coverage will cover the cost of repairs if your vehicle is damaged in an accident. This type of policy will not, however, cover the cost of items that are lost due to theft.

In Spartanburg, SC, residents who want to make sure their vehicle is fully protected need to pay a visit to the agents at Allsurance Group. Each agent is highly trained and understands the benefits of each type of policy. If you have questions or would like to know more about how each type of policy works, call and schedule an appointment today!

3 Ways To Find Out If You Have The Right Home Insurance Policy

Have you taken the time to check on your Spartanburg, SC home insurance policy lately? If not, you are missing out on a plethora of benefits that are currently available to you. Those who do not take the time to do so could be missing out on advantages that they never realized were available.

Let’s take a closer look at the three best ways for a Spartanburg, SC homeowner to examine their policy:

1. Professional Appraisals

There is no substitute for the professional appraisal when it comes time to double-check a home insurance policy. A building contractor and/or a professional estimator can come to the home and let its owner know more about their insurance policy. If there are any changes that need to be made, the appraiser or estimator is able to provide the necessary insights in as timely of a manner as possible.

2. Software Programs

Did you know that there are software programs that are designed to make this process even easier than you could have ever imagined? By taking the time and effort to put all of the home’s information into a software program that is designed to analyze all insurance-related needs, you can avoid the usual difficulties that are associated with an annual review. E2 Value Pronto is one of the top programs in this regard.

3. Work With an Experienced Agent

Last but not least, the homeowner can take the time to sit down and work with an established Allsurance Group agent who is able to ask the right questions about the property. They will take the necessary notes and keep them safe. If there are any reasonable recommendations that can be made to assist the homeowner, they are offered by the agent. 

When it comes time to look over your home insurance policy to make sure that the right one has been obtained, Allsurance Group is here to help. Visit our site today to find out more! 

Are Surveillance Cameras Enough to Protect My Business From A Break-In?

Surveillance cameras are an integral part of any security system. In some cases, just the sight of a camera on your property can deter a burglar from trying to break in. At the Allsurance Group, agents are often asked about the use of security systems and surveillance cameras by small business owners in Spartanburg, SC who are curious about their benefits.

Eyes On The Property

Surveillance cameras can be monitored by the business owner or a professional monitoring company. With eyes on the property 24 hours a day, it’s easy to see if something is a miss or someone is trying to break into the business. Most cameras now include apps that allow you to view your property from any location.

Include an Alarm

There are times when your cameras will be unsupervised, especially if you choose to monitor them yourself. In situations like this, use a surveillance camera that comes equipped with an alarm. If any motion is detected, the alarm will sound and you will be notified of the disturbance.

Professional Monitoring

If you don’t want to monitor your system yourself, there are third-party monitoring services that will do the job for you for a monthly fee. Do your research. There are several companies that will work on a month to month basis with no contract obligations.

In Spartanburg, SC, the agents at Allsurance Group can help you determine if installing security cameras at your business will be beneficial. Their agents have many years of experience and understand the benefits of being proactive in terms of protecting your business. They have the answers you need. Call them today and set up a consultation.

Reasons to Update Your Spartanburg, SC Auto Insurance

It’s important to review your Spartanburg, SC automobile insurance policy every six months to ensure you are getting the right coverage for your needs. But did you know there are other times to review and potentially update your insurance information with your agent with the Allsurance Group? The following is a look at some of the other major life changes that often require an adjustment to an existing or upcoming automobile insurance policy:

Common Life Changes That Require Insurance Adjustments on Your Spartanburg SC Auto INsurance

  • Marriage and divorce. When you get married or move in with your significant other, it often means that you’ll be sharing your car or theirs. Make sure to contact your insurer to have the significant other added to the authorized driver list. Likewise, if you get separated or have a divorce, then have them taken off to save money.
  • Moving or otherwise changing where your vehicle is parked. Did you know that your insurance costs can differ depending upon where your vehicle is parked? In general, automobiles parked in secured garages will have a lower rate than those parked out on the street. As such, it’s important to alert your insurance agent whenever you move or change where you park your vehicle when not in use.
  • Switching up your job or vehicle usage. If you change jobs and thereby change your commute, then you may want to talk with your Allsurance Group about the changes in daily mileage as it could change your rates. For example, if you start working from home then you may be able to change your policy to a low mileage one which would reduce your rates. On the other hand, if you start using your vehicle for carpooling or car sharing, then you may want to consider adding additional coverage to protect you in the event of an accident.

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