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Do I Need a Home Insurance Policy for a Mobile Home?

Not everyone is interested in purchasing a large home for themselves and their family. Some look at mobile homes to meet their residential needs. Although these homes are smaller and don’t have the features of regular houses, do they still require a home insurance policy?

What is a Mobile Home?

A mobile home is a prefabricated (manufactured) residence built in a factory. It’s placed on a trailer and shipped to a mobile home community or a parcel of land. Although someone may own the residential space, the buyer owns the home itself.

These structures are different than recreational vehicles (RVs). While they can reside in a mobile home community, RVs fall under another insurance policy. 

Mobile Home Insurance

According to representatives at the Allsurance Group, mobile homes require special insurance. The reason is their unique construction and vulnerabilities to conditions like windstorms. As a result, owners of these structures must purchase mobile home insurance. 

A standard policy covers the unit, the property within, and legal fees if you cause harm to others on the property. While all mobile homes are insurable, older models have additional risks related to unregulated building and safety conditions. 

In most cases, mobile home insurance covers tornado damage for South Carolina properties. What it covers in relation to repairs or replacement depends on the initial limits and deductibles you select. For instance, a policy with low premiums may not have enough liability coverage.

For this reason, you want to speak with an insurance subject matter expert to get the right policy for your mobile home. So, contact representatives at the Allsurance Group in Spartanburg, SC to find the right coverage for your property.